Guiding One Personal Care Services

Guiding One wants to make healthcare accessible, and affordable to all qualified members of this element.

Our Purpose

Quality Care, Quality Impact

We aim to provide quality home health care.

We educate staff, clients, family members, and all concern citizens about quality home health care.

We strive for the optimization of health and subsistence for our community and abroad.

We want to contribute back to citizens who have made it possible for members of this organization and society to thrive and live a prosperous life.

We are committed to the rehabilitation of illness, diseased, aged, or disabled members to fight for existence and possible independency again.

“Quality Care Is Our Top

Latrica Hines, Agency Director/ Administrator

Our Services


Certified Nursing Aides


Personal Care Assistant


In Home Dementia & Alzheimer’s Care




Pediatric Care


Respite Care

Payment Plans

Request Pricing and Payment Options:

For pricing information and details on payment options, feel free to inquire during your consultation. We’ll work with you to find a solution that suits your budget and needs.

Private Pay

Clients can pay for services out-of-pocket using personal funds or savings.

Long-Term Care Insurance

Some clients may have long-term care insurance policies that cover nonmedical home care services. Verify if your agency is eligible for reimbursement under these policies.

Medicaid Waiver Programs

In certain states, Medicaid offers home and community-based services waivers that cover non-medical home care for eligible individuals with low income and specific care